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About us

Who is behind KraftKids?

Nice that you have found us! Here you can find out who founded the KraftKids company and what is particularly important to us. Contact

Aneta and Robert - a strong team!

I'm Aneta and together with my husband Robert, two people are behind KraftKids. Our two children make our little family perfect. Zoe and Jan are our pride and partly responsible for the fact that KraftKids exist at all. And that's how it happened: I'm actually a trained careers advisor. But I have long been interested in good design, beautiful things and high-quality fabrics. When a little human child announces itself, it is obvious that the baby should be surrounded by beautiful things. So it came about that Zoe became the first tester of my own designs. I found that Zoe was really comfortable with sustainable fabrics, beautiful colors and modern patterns. That's why Robert supported and encouraged me to turn my hobby into a profession.

Maybe I would have dared to take this step alone. But let's be honest: two people are simply stronger - as strong as the name of our manufactory indicates! We are strong and powerful, our children are full of energy, and we wish all other children to have the same power and strength.

KraftKids has grown a lot since then. We are now 20 people who have become one big family together. All of us, including our offspring, contribute to the development of KraftKids. We run two sewing workshops and a carpenter's workshop because, in addition to beautiful fabric products, we also manufacture changing mats and seating furniture in our small furniture production.

For each

We fulfill customer requests and also sew everything in different sizes. With us you get the curtain in the optimal length, the changing mat in extra width or the tipi with a window. We are very happy to personalize our sewing work: With an individual embroidery, the baby blanket or the hooded towel becomes a loving, personal gift. The combination of high quality, craftsmanship and emotional design makes every KraftKids product a special experience! Contact

Our customer reviews

We say thank you

Super nice contact and it's great that my individualization requests were responded to in such a friendly manner. Nice pillowcases. I would order from KraftKids again and again.

AnonymousNo date

We love the romper bag! The quality is great and it looks absolutely beautiful. We should have just gotten one size bigger, the small one is out quickly... but we will order again :))